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sukanto Kuri
Jul 06, 2022
In General Discussions
The visual impact effect is too depressing, giving people a feeling of breathing and relaxation. For the above two problems that focus on "virtual" and "real", this needs to be solved in the form of composition, so as to achieve the effect of agile and vibrant graphic design. In the same way, the virtual and real method of this ink painting also has a certain reference for graphic design. The interaction of virtual and real is used, and black and white alternate with each other, and finally achieve the ultimate goal of graphic design. The composition method of ink painting takes the overall situation as the consideration and starting point. Looking at the overall situation, its virtual and solid, Photo Manipulation Services dense and dense composition not only promotes the development and influence of ink painting at home and abroad, but also makes graphic design move to a new stage of development, laying a solid foundation for graphic design. a good and solid foundation. 3. Prospect analysis of the application of ink painting in graphic design With its simple colors and styles, ink and wash paintings have gone from ancient times to the present with the continuous improvement and innovation of their predecessors. Ink painting has been widely used in graphic design. In order to make ink painting have a broader prospect in graphic design, the following principles should be paid attention to: (1) Strengthen the connection between the two and learn to learn from them Although many elements and techniques of ink painting provide a certain reference for graphic design, and graphic design also learns some things from ink painting and applies it to graphic design, but from the analysis of the current development situation, graphic design has some learning and understanding of ink painting. Most of the references are rough and superficial, limited to superficial phenomena.
sukanto Kuri

sukanto Kuri

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